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David is among the very best.

After contacting him about selling my North Arlington home he immediately took charge. We met "safe distanced" on my screen porch, he brought a binder showing sales prices of similarly situated homes of the same general type. We went over various kinds of inside/outside upgrades-- none to minor to major, and the expected value they'd add to the sales price, always letting me accept, reject, or modify somewhat. I also changed my mind on some decisions without impairing overall progress. Altogether, this approach greatly helped me feel comfortable and confident about making decisions. I also developed such a trust in David and his unique sense of what was best that I let him make some decisions as well. His staff associates were excellent, as were the skilled people we contracted for the inside/outside tasks. By just a very few days after open-house, several offers were received and my home was sold. All thanks to David Lloyd and his associates. - Angelo Mascaro

Angelo Mascaro

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